Christmas Always Connects Us

A Christmas Conversation with Gerry D from Totally Rad Christmas Podcast.


Christmas Clatter is a monthly podcast discussing Christmas news, entertainment, gifts, decorating, and everything else that makes Christmas special. Join host Todd Killian and special guests for year-round Christmas cheer

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  • Christmas Always Connects Us

    A Christmas Conversation with Gerry D from Totally Rad Christmas Podcast.

  • Burgundy Again

    In this episode, A Christmas Story is Recast/Miscast and Todd shares a Christmas memory on why burgundy is important to his family.

  • Typecast As A Wise Guy

    On this episode of Christmas Clatter Todd has a great Christmas Conversation with Thom Crowe from Tis The Podcast.

  • Please, Make A Christmas Album!

    The debut of the new segment called "Making A List." This month's list is Artist We Wish Would Make Their First Christmas Album" Also a "Do You Hear What I Hear" in which Todd reviews the Muppets' 2006 Christmas album A "Red And Green Christmas."

  • Christmas Kiwi

    In this episode Todd announces Christmas Clatter's partnership with the Christmas Hall Of Fame and a great Christmas Conversation with the brother from Down Under, Duane Bailey from the Tinsel Tunes Podcast.

  • Celebrating Year One!

    Christmas Clatter is celebrating its first anniversary!! You will be hearing from some of your favorite Christmas podcasts. A new Recast/Miscast of Die Hard and back by popular demand an encore of Todd's Christmas Tree Farm Memory. Tis The Podcast Christmas Past Podcast Tinsel Tunes Podcast Cant Wait For Christmas Podcast Christmastime In The City Podcast Pop Collectors Alliance Podcast Totally Rad Christmas Podcast Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas - Book Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas - Facebook

  • Santa And The City

    A Christmas Conversation with Kris and Chris from the Christmas Time In the City Podcast. Christmas Time In The City - Facebook Christmas Time In The City - Instagram Christmas Time In The City - Twitter

  • Turning To Christmas

    In this episode Todd looks into why people are turning to Christmas durning shelter in place. We finish up Recast/Miscast of The Santa Clause and explore the album Kenny Rogers Christmas.

  • Hey, Adelaide!

    In this episode, a very special Christmas Conversation with singer/songwriter Adelaide about her new song "My Miracle" and how the song benefits St Jude's Children"s Research Hospital. Also an update on Recast Or Miscast: The Santa Clause. Plus Todd will be popping up on your Christmas podcast feed as he makes a few guest appearances on Christmas Past Podcast and Tis The Podcast.

  • Begins With Silent

    Todd introduces a couple new segments to the Christmas Clatter Podcast. The first is "Recast Or Miscast" which Todd attempts to recast the Christmas movie classic The Santa Clause. Also in Christmas Clatter's "Album Pick Of The Month" (we need a better name)Todd explores the whole of Mariah Carey's 1994 release Merry Christmas. Plus a very special Christmas memory is shared!

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