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  • Christmas, Collecting & Conversation

    I'm joined by Rick and Piper from the Pop Collectors Alliance to talk about that hard buy for loved one. I have some Holiday Hints & Hacks for your Christmas mailings. Harper Denhard is our Talent Of The Month with her original song.

  • Christmas In July

    Silver Screen Events is hosting “Christmas In July” in Nashville, TN. Join me July 24th-26th 2020 for a wonderful weekend filled with friends, exciting events and your favorite celebrity guests […]

  • Two Books For Reading

    We take a look at two great new books. Announce the Christmas Song Countdown Showdown and the winner of our giveaway. And talk about stinking our heads under the Christmas tree.

  • Christmas Song Countdown Showdown

    Tinsel Tunes Podcast vs Christmas Clatter Podcast, who's list of Christmas songs will win??

  • UGH…The Christmas Blues

    Discussion with Dr Jeff on the Christmas Blues and how to avoid them this holiday season. Reminders about our give away and YouTube channel. A new Christmas Remembered segment. Plus our Wonder Talent Of The Month, Jessica from Tadfield Traditions

  • Cabins In The Woods…

    This episode I interview the owner of The Yule Log Cabin. Also i remind everyone of our contest, announce Christmas Clatter YouTube and Christmas Clatter merch at Redbubble. Plus this month's talent from Old Man Freakboy.

  • Summertime Scrooges

    Lots of announcements, our contest prizes continue to grow, how vacation should encourage us to try new things at Christmas and our Talent Of The Month Will Pfaff!!! Follow Will's band Amped on Facebook, search Amped-Perryville.

  • Seriously?!? There’s 250 Santa’s!!!

    We remind everyone of our giveaway. We explore the importance of Christmas ornaments.

  • Vanilla Bean & Hallmark

    We announce our give away, touch on some Christmas news and figure out why Hallmark movies are so popular. We also hear a bit from comedian Tim Hawkins.

  • Christmas Hope

    In this episode we discuss some of the good things Christmas brings such as hope. We also launch our "Most Wonderful Talent Of The Month" with a beautiful rendition of Carol of the Bells, linked below. Please subscribe!!!

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